Carrie’s Story


“Today was a rough chemo session. I received some news my treatment plan would be changing due to heart problems. This same thing actually happened back in 2003! But back then I was in a drug study so there were many protocols to follow. Now for me this drug is ESSENTIAL in my eyes! This drug is a key drug in my survival! The docs tell me there are many drugs out there. I have what is called ” HerT2 nu + ” cancer a very aggressive cancer and the medicine Herceptin attacks that cell specifically. I WILL stop the drug and let the heart heal and start it again in a few weeks and monitor the heart closely! In the mean time I have a radiation consult at the Dana in a few days then booking a first time cardiology appointment. Then surgery consult. So everything that needs to be done to fight this disease is being done. I am just overwhelmed again and I have a long road ahead of the fear of the unknown. I will keep you all posted just another bump in the road I will get over!!!! Thank you to my mom, and sister for being there for me today and Joe Elliott tonight. One day at a time is how I roll. Just a heavy heart tonight. Meredith Letham
I did get to sit in the sun and and take it all in. I thought of my Dad a ton??”