This is my second breast cancer diagnosis in two years. Last time I took money from my 401k, depleted my savings, spent my deceased mother’s inheritance just to make it while I was off work for surgery and treatments. Now here it is two years later and it’s happening again. My husband is disabled, my son has epilepsy. I support us four. Now I am off for surgery and radiation with no income. Still haven’t recovered financially from my last diagnosis. First diagnosed on my 40th bday. Now 2 yrs later another diagnosis. In opposite breast. I have been an RN for 19 yrs. I spent my career taking care of others. Now I find myself on the other said again, asking for any assistance I can get. God has put me on this journey again… for a reason. Support of my kids and husband would be the most helpful during my journey. My children didn’t get a vacation because of my radiation. During their summer break, they would go to treatments with me, while other kids went on family vacations. They would love a family trip.